Another nice Victorian home in Santa Cruz.

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Corvette Diner in San Diego

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My favorite couple on television.

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I’ll take you on a drive,
Like gardens filled with mirrors,
Lay back eyes open wide,
Through alleys we’re disappearing,

Come close, stay far,
I’ll be your tiny raindrop
I fall down now
You left me feeling shameful.

Even if I could I would never let you know,
So come with me I’ll buy you a raincoat
Stay with me I’m sick of this shameful
Head of mine, I’m lost in its tangles
I need you on my garments.

Come at me horrid eyes
That seep into my system,
Push all intent on fire
The things we think we’re missing,

‘Cause it’s all fine: a pillow and a blanket
Take your precious time, staring at the ceiling.

Even if I could I would never let you go.

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15 Year Old Girl Missing After Warped Tour Toronto



A 15 year old girl named Hannah Batty was last seen on the July 4th date of Warped Tour in Toronto, CA this past weekend. Read details here from Billboard and below after the jump.

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